I just recently finished reading the “A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate)” series on Ben Scheirman’s blog.

It is a very good introduction to TDD, NHibernate, DDD, NUnit.

I’m personally trying to learn NHibernate.  I already practice the other items at my current position.

Ayende mentions the above blog and others to help a developer get started with NHibernate.

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Chris Patterson: I really would like to see Ben roll this up into a PDF I can read on the toilet. I think it is a great series.

Will Gant: Looks like the link is dead now.

Will Gant: He changed the url scheme. http://benscheirman.com/2006/07/a-journey-with-nhibernate-part-1  http://benscheirman.com/2006/07/a-journey-with-nhibernate-part-2  http://benscheirman.com/2006/07/a-journey-with-nhibernate-and-ddd-part-3  http://benscheirman.com/2006/07/a-journey-with-domain-driven-design-and-nhibernate-part-4  http://benscheirman.com/2006/08/a-journey-with-domain-driven-design-and-nhibernate-part-5  http://benscheirman.com/2006/09/a-journey-with-domain-driven-design-and-nhibernate-part-6  http://benscheirman.com/2006/11/a-journey-with-domain-driven-design-and-nhibernate-part-7  http://benscheirman.com/2006/12/a-journey-with-domain-driven-design-and-nhibernate-part-8  http://benscheirman.com/2007/06/a-journey-with-domain-driven-design-and-nhibernate-part-9  New links, if that helps anyone.

Jason Meridth: Links fixed.  Will, thank you for the links.  Saved me a ton of time.