Please read Colin’s post and then read my comment response to a blog entry I just read from Colin Ramsay (post here).

I apologize for posting my Hanselman quote out of context.  Scott said it in a joking manner without dergotory tone.  No one at the conference liked the term Mort and during the “How to invoke passion on your team” session we tried to define “Mort”, so that if it was used (due to habit, not malice) we knew what the speaker was saying.

Please do not bash anyone who went to the conference.

There were 2 things I got out of it that were great FOR ME:

1. I finally got to put some faces to some bloggers I have been reading. 2. I got to interact with passionate, non-egotistical, professional individuals who want to code better software.

How we (the entire software community) might want to do that, with what possible techniques and with what possible tools were discussed.

For anyone who does not like the term “Alt.NET” please spend the time to look past the label and read some of the posts of other developers who went and got some positive things out of it.  Please be professional and polite.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of room for debate and discussion, but let’s keep it civil.

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Brad Mead: Hey J.D. ! So glad I found your blog. I was the one who came up to you after the “passion” session and said I wanted to work with you to get some collective “noob” learning stuff going. I’m busy deciding on DasBlog2 vs Subtext but will be up and running in a short time. Looking forward to some online discussion and collboration

Jason Meridth: Excellent Brad. I’m taking a little break before hitting it hard again. Each of those blogging engines are excellent. Check out Oren ( blog about why he switched from dasblog to subtext, or check out Ben Scheirman’s blog on why he loves dasblog ( Look forward to the communication bro.