I opened my Windows VM last night for the first time in months to finally work on a .NET project from Github.  When I found out I needed the rspec gem installed (I’m normally a shoulda guy), I decided to see what gems I had installed first:

gem list

and got the following error:

$ gem list
sh.exe": /c/Ruby/bin/gem: D:/Users/Luis/projects/oss/oci/installer2-trunk/ruby/bin/ruby.exe: bad interpreter: no medium

Umm….. D:/Users/Luis? After some googling I found this article on StackOverflow that directed me to this blog.  It pretty much states that the shebang line (#!) at the top of my Ruby One-Click installer file had changed/been corrupted, I don’t know.  I changed the line to point to my ruby exe (#!C:Rubybinruby.exe) and my gem commands started working again.