Bill recently posted a question to the nerd community about, “…if you were stuck in an elevator with 2 other nerds, with no technology at all, who would you like the 2 other nerds to be?”

I may be a little late on this one since I am finally catching up on my blogs, but mine would be Linus Torvalds and Oren Eini (Ayende).  Linus to just meet him and Oren to learn from him.

The comment from casey on Bill’s post was hilarious.  Anders + Oren and the mentioning of internals. Let bloodbath commence. Lulz.

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jlockwood: I’m with you on that one. Plus, if Linus starts to get a bit out of hand Oren is so big he can keep everyone in the elevator in line. lol

stevef: Frans ’llblgen’ bouma and Jeremy Miller