Brad Abrams, Group manager of the .NET Framework, posted today announcing the Microsoft hiring of Phil Haack, core SubText blogging engine developer.  Brad mentions that Phil will head the team to bring about a MVC architecture for ASP.NET.  I’ve followed Phil’s blog and am glad to hear people of his talent will be behind that movement.  He even mentions speaking with Scott Guthrie at Redmond and stating that he wants to work on the MVC Framework (here), and voila!! I’m still on the MonoRail bandwagon, but we all know that if Microsoft comes out with a MVC Framework, it will most likely be accepted as the standard (whether or not it is the better of the MVC frameworks).  Hopefully, MS will listen to the industry on what is needed for that idea to succeed.

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Scott Bellware: Jason, Scott will be coming to the ALT.NET conference and from what I understand, he’ll be bringing the ASP .NET MVC code. You should have an opportunity to get some insight into it, and to feedback.

Jason Meridth: AWESOME!!!! I look forward to it. Thanks Scott.

Joe Ocampo: So does this signal a return of the Alpha Geeks to MS?