I like to give people credit when I use their software.  One particular developer is Brendan Tompkins of Devlicio.us.

We (LosTechies) have added 2 features available from his CodeBetter.CommunityServerExtensions:

Kick It: For those that don’t know, the “Kick Icategory at the bottom of our posts create or add to the count of posts on DotNetKicks.  This helps expose LosTechies to more readers through DotNetKicks.


Captcha: This feature is a security measure to prevent spam comments and other non-legitimate items on LosTechies.


**2 notes on the Captcha module: **1. From research, Brendan’s Captcha module is the best one out there for CS 2007. 2. If you are a member (logged-in) to the CS blogs, you won’t see the Captcha module.  It is used for individuals who are not logged-in (trusted) to the site.

Kudos to Brendan.