I finally have a side project I’m going to use NHibernate on and blog about my experiences.

A required watch (from my point of view): DNRTV Video - Oren Eini on NHibernate. Ayende Rahien = Oren Eini, if you did not know that.  Oren is his real name.  Here is his blog.  If he’s not on your RSS aggregator, you’re missing out.

This video does not go into great detail, but at least gets the ball rolling. There is a book coming out in July, NHibernate in Action, and my colleague Nelson Montalvo has recommended Hibernate in Action until the new book comes out.

I’m researching both NDbUnit and NHibernate the next couple of days. I’ll keep you guys posted. I’ve also got .NET development with the Mono project on my plate.  Coming soon.