Read the following blog entry from David Hayden.  This teaches you how to update the class template that Visual Studio 2005 uses to create new classes.

I know this is old, but it seems to come up a lot as a pet-peeve of friends and colleagues.

Hope this helps someone.

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joeyDotNet: Who still uses VS2005 templates? :P That’s sooo pre-ReSharper. :) But seriously, ReSharper File Templates are much easier to create and much more powerful.

Jason Meridth: I still communicate with newbies who won’t purchase ReSharper and still code in VB.NET. This is for them. I completely agree with you though. When are you going to Simpsonize your photo? We will cordially do it for you. :)

joeyDotNet: Oh my! No ReSharper AND VB?!? Those poor guys. :P (kidding, mostly)

john doe: test