UPDATE: _Needed to add newly clone git-achievements to your PATH env variable.  Otherwise it will push an index.html file to your current repo and not the git-achievements repo.  Thank you Adam_ for finding that.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you save your ~/.git-achievements-action.log and ~/.git-achievements.log files if you are transferring from your primary machine.  If you make these files mobile you will be able to use multiple machines.  I forgot mine and now have to start over with git-achievements.  Meh.  More fun.

  • I’m using Msysgit Bash CLI (up-to-date install instructions)

  • I’ve forked the git-achievements github repository

    • notice it forks to a gh-pages branch, not a master branch
    • this allows github to fire jekyll off against your github account and generate your git-achievements page
  • clone_git_achievements

    • cloned repository locally into my C:code folder (resulting in /c/code/git-achievements by Git Bash CLI path terms)
  • vim_bashrc

    • ~/ (tilde + forward slash means home directory, where the .bashrc file needs to be)
  • vim_bashrc_export

    • add the newly clone git-achievements directory to your PATH environment variable
    • alias the git command to call git-achievements
    • git-achievements calls the real git.exe, this just allows it to wrap it and intercept calls
  • source_bashrc

    • source means to refresh/reapply
    • if you don’t do this, your new changes won’t take effect
  • echo_path

    • this outputs your PATH environment variable content.
    • Notice the git-achievements folder at the end. :)
  • git_config

    1. this allows uploads to your fork, on the gh-pages branch
  • check_git_still_works

    1. to ensure you didn’t break git
  • git_achievements_help

    1. shows the git achievements help
    2. generates your first achievement as a “Student” (I already had mine)

Hope you guys have as much fun as I did.  Yeah, yeah, I’m a nerd.  So what?  ;)