I’ve been using a MacBook Pro for about three months now.  Absolutely amazing.  No issues.

I use QuickSilver with a ctrl+space keystroke to bring it up.  If anyone has use Windows+R or Mac’s spotlight, this is equivalent with a little bit more indexing power (IMO).

Well I’m doing some development on my Ubuntu VM and hate using alt+F2 because of the naming.  For example, by default it’s “gnome-terminal” to bring up a terminal, and with Gnome-Do, it’s simply Term+press enter.  Less keystrokes are better in my opinion.

I was loading a terminal window in my session upon login, but with Gnome-Do I have much more power.

Donate if you use it.  Keep this going.

NOTE: Follow the instructions to a “T”.  If you sudo apt-get the app without adding the new repositories, you won’t get the preferences app.  Hardy Heron’s repository is out date.