I just got a new laptop. It is a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th Gen.

Ubuntu 17.10 16 GB RAM 1 TB SSD 64-bit i7 Pentium USB-C power

I’m in love.

lenovo thinkpad box

lenovo thinkpad

lenovo thinkpad fn ctrl keys

My only gripe is that the Fn key is on the far left bottom of the keyboard. I prefer that to be the Ctrl key due to copy/paste and other keyboard commands I use often. I also have very big hands and my pinky isn’t made to “find” the Ctrl key to the right of the Fn key.

I currently use Dconf for mapping of keys in Ubuntu (currently using 17.10). I learned today that the fn key on keyboards is not managed by the operating system, which makes sense. Lenovo in all of its glorious-ness has a BIOS option to swap the Fn and Ctrl keys.

lenovo bios fn ctrl swap

Thank you Lenovo.