We have successfully upgraded LosTechies to Community Server 2008.  We are sporting a new theme and will be changing a couple little things here and there.  Thank you to all our readers for allowing us to give back to community.  One of our members was overheard saying that a major key point of LosTechies is to give back to the community more than we take from it.  We have recently expanded to another member outside the continental United States (Colin Jack of Edinburgh, Scotland) and have also brought on another fellow Texan (Derick Bailey of McLane Advanced Technologies near Austin).  We will keep growing and helping to shape the software development community in positive ways.

You will also notice that we are now listing our sponsors and blogs on the right hand side of the most prominent pages of our site now.  We hope you are able to navigate to our member’s blogs a little easier and also be aware of a few companies that have supported us in our cause to help improve the software industry and ourselves by being a fellow follower of Pablo the donkey.

All hail Pragmatic Pablo!

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Ray Houston: It looks awesome man. Thank you for doing all of this. You rock!

Tobin Harris: I love this blog, and great to see you’ve updated things. I hate to say it, but I actually thought it looked cooler before the update :)

Jason Meridth: @ Ray Thanks @Tobin We’ll definitely keep that under consideration. LT members are still conversing about the theme.

Marcus Bratton: Jason, you’re the man now, dog.

Jason Meridth: @ Marcus Am I a man or a dog. Make up your mind.