Today I was working with a co-worker, Nelson Montalvo, and talking to him about my file transfer woes with moving this site and other sites to a new server.  Lots of files.  He mentioned a software package, FolderShare, that I tried tonight and now believe I owe Nelson a steak dinner.  It is AWESOME!!

It is FREE and with a basic email login and password you can manage most of the connections online.

Once you download the client to your PC and to the server, in my case, you can initiate the sync.  I create a sync folder on each box and drop the files I want transferred into my laptop’s sync folder.  After a little bit the server starts transfer.  It is secure and fast.

How to Sync:


How to Share:


How to download:


According to the website, the only limitation is that the file sizes do not exceed 2GB.  There are unlimited file transfers and no restriction on types.  Oh yeah, and it’s FREE.

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out.  Good job Microsoft (well, the acquisition MS did to get this product, they made it free and free is good).