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UPDATED: Used the Code Snippet plug-in

Layouts are like master pages or template pages in Adobe DreamWeaver.  They allow you to template your site.  I have a default.vm under my ../Views/layouts folder and the way to make a controller utilize the layout is to add a layout attribute to the class definition:

   1: using System;

   2: using Castle.MonoRail.Framework;


   4: namespace JasonMeridth.Controllers

   5: {

   6:     [Layout("default"), Rescue("generalerror")]

   7:     public class ExampleController : SmartDispatcherController

   8:     {

As you probably saw in my last post, it wasn’t just a simple “hello world” text on a white background. The reason I had a design was due to the ****Layout attribute on the ExampleController class. Layouts are simply NVelocity files (or whichever viewing engine you chose) placed in the /Views/layouts folder.  In my case it is the default.vm file:

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Joe Ocampo: Put a link from your previous post to this one and from this post back to your previous post.

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LDWebb: I don’t want to post this message I am running into some issues with presidence of rescues at the controller level and wanted to define certain rescues at the action level, I was reviewing your article, which has very important details, but the text is cut off in sections. The sections that I am interested in are “The controller has a designated rescue file:” and “The controller has NO designated rescue file:”. I was wondering if I could get a soft copy of this article in word or text format.