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I’ve been pretty busy as of late and even had some issues with the way I was trying to unit test validation.  As you can see here, I was able to get some help from Joey on this and it has made me realize that I need to re-write my MonoRail Validation post to use the “correct” manner of validation.  Even Oren agrees that the validation library in MonoRail works, it is just not the ideal way of doing it.

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You have to do 3 things to send an email successfully:

1. Write your unit test showing your expectations of the code:

   1: using Castle.MonoRail.TestSupport;

   2: using JasonMeridth.Controllers;

   3: using JasonMeridth.Models;

   4: using NUnit.Framework;


   6: namespace JasonMeridth.Tests.Controllers

   7: {

   8:     [TestFixture]

   9:     public class ContactControllerTestCase : BaseControllerTest

  10:     {

  11:         private Contact contact;

  12:         private ContactController contactController;


  14:         [SetUp