If anyone else is using hosting with WebHost4Life, I’ve gotten a Monorail site up there pretty quick using the MonoRailHttpHandlerFactory in my web.config, as suggested by the Castle Monorail installation documentationPlease note that the documentation has .ashx, it should be .aspx.

I’ve also put in a support ticket to see if WebHost4Life will add the .rails extensions to the known ASP.NET extensions.  I’ll update this post if it goes through.

UPDATE:  WebHost4Life was kind enough, after 2 help tickets, to add the .rails extension to the known ASP.NET extensions.  It works now.  They tried to get me to add a mime type for my specific domain (jasonmeridth.com) and that did not work.  Mime type of text/h****tml and extension of .rails failed.  If they ask you to do that, it will not work.

If you’re hosting company is not kind enough to add the extension, then the following will help:

With using the MonoRailHttpHandlerFactory, you just replace the .rails extension with .aspx. (Look at documentation link above)

Example: http://www.jasonmeridth.com/home/index.aspx  instead of http://www.jasonmeridth.com/home/index.rails

I’ve been working on a small website for a local San Antonio mom&pop shop and decided to go with Monorail.  I’m not an expert by any means, just finally trying to grok this stuff.

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Glenn: Freaky…I just put in the support request as well. Nice to know they’’ do it.

Jason Meridth: If they tell you that you need to upgrade, they are incorrect. That is why I had to submit a second ticket. Don’t let them talk you into an upgrade.

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