UPDATE: I’m on Linux.  Getting this to work on Windows is simple enough, just like James mentions in the comments. Thanks.

I’m writing this, because it’s about the 5th time I’ve had to use my Windows box or VM to get iso files from MSDN.

I understand, in a business manner, why Microsoft won’t allow downloads from Firefox at MSDN.  I work for a company that was kind enough to give me a MSDN license.  I’ve used it a great deal to get software like Vistual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 recently.  I also use it for the iso files I use in my VMs.  I recently had to download Vista again and from Firefox the specific items I want (the checkboxes in MSDN’s new Silverlight UI) are grayed out.  COME ON!!!!!

I use Firefox more than I use Internet Explorer.  And before, you non-Linux users tell me about the IE tab plugin for Firefox, let me remind you that you still have to have iexplore.exe on your PC.  Linux doesn’t have it (and shouldn’t).

I like where Microsoft development teams are going recently (Guthrie, Haack, Conery, etc), but the MSDN team needs to wake up and open the ability to download items via Firefox.

If someone out there knows a way to do this with Firefox, I will update this post and eat some humble pie.

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James Nguyen: Download and install MS FTM (file transfer manager) at http://transfers.one.microsoft.com/ftm/default.aspx?Target=install Then when you use FF while browsing MSDN, click a download link, then specify to open the link with the FTM app. For me, FF already had the app specified as the preferred app, you may have to do file | browse to the path. Up pops the standard MSDN file transfer dialog, specify the path, and boom, you’re golden.

James: aw, crap, just realized you’re on linux :) not Windows and FF. The above won’t work. :)

Tom Opgenorth: I hear you on this one. Annoys me to no end.

Mu5: Cheers for the info :-)