In response to Joe Ocampo’s (AgileJoe) question:

My typical day.

  • 5:30 Wake-up
  • 5:45 Wake-up wife, start taking care of son
  • 5:45-7:00 Feed him, smile when he gives me his morning “present” (a doody diaper), and change him
  • 7:00 Take him to daycare
  • 7:30 Get to work
  • Throughout business day I catch up on blog posts (my Google reader shared items) and write some of my own drafts while waiting for our 6,000+ unit test suite to run.  I also check email to answer AlamoCoders or non-posting questions for LosTechies.  I work with my wife, so I usually have lunch with her.
  • 5:00PM Leave, pick up son from daycare
  • 5:30 Feed and spend time with family
  • 6:30-7:00 Bathe and take son to bed
  • 7:00 Code or write blog entries (I get 3 hours and possibly more after I spend time with wife]
  • 10:00-12:00 Spend time with wife and go to bed (this can change if I have presentation or commitment)

The 2nd week of the month is the AlamoCoders monthly meeting, so it is pretty hectic.

The last 2 months I’ve done the DevCares session in San Antonio also. Microsoft DevCares

This following week is especially hectic: Top things to do:

1. Figure out why my CI server is not liking my “get latest” from (it’s something I’m doing, not 2. Ensure that all the guys on the team I’m on have access to the new SVN repository I created for our MonoRail sessions next week. 3. Grok NHibernate 4. Finish reading “Herding Cats” - EXCELLENT book so far. 5. Finish (the never ending task) and grok DDD book. 6. Prepare for LINQ DevCares (If you’re in San Antonio, sign-up here, It’s FREE) etc.