Tonight, after a “rough” presentation on LINQ 2 SQL (presented by me) at the local user group meeting, I came home to my wife and just decided to not unpack my laptop.  I know presenters have those times when something just doesn’t work and even the fall back presentation code fails too.  Well, that happened tonight.  I hear the violins playing in the background

Well you know how you can have the worst day in the world but when your child comes up to you and smiles at you and hugs you and it all goes away?

Tonight my wife asked me, “Honey, what is port 80?”  I shed a tear of joy. (j/k)

I explained it and she said it had been stuck in her head for the past 2 days.  Wow, I didn’t realize that my influence was that strong.

At this point I unpacked my laptop and rough drafter this post.

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Chris Brandsma: Must be a LINQ to SQL thing. I had my last presentation (an msdn event) blow up as well. My laptop even blue screened. But, it isn’t about what goes wrong, but how you recover.

jlockwood: @Jason - You did fine, don’t beat yourself up over it. I ran into the guy that came from SAWS last night and he said it was really informative. He was afraid some of the material would be over his head, but he said the material was presented clearly and he learned a lot. Mission…success. @Chris - “My laptop even blue screened”…I call that getting Bill Gated (referring to an XP/PlugNPlay demo). I may go through numerous man hours (man days even) using a technology without any issues but then those nasty gremlins always seem to rear their little heads during presentations. They rarely fail me in that respect. ;)