My co-worker, Nelson, and I did some remote pair programming on a side project this weekend.  He had talked about Skypeand the YugmaSkypeplug-in for a couple days.  I finally went by Altex and purchased some Logitech Premium USB Headset 350 (mic included) = $45+. When I got home I IMed Nelson and brought up Skype. He initiated the call.  It’s just like talking on the phone.  (Before you purchase headphones, check the skype certified list)

NOTICE: The logitech headphones have a volume control but beware that the center (black) logitech button is the mute button, not the volume control.  The surrounding grey circle is the volume control. Premium USB Headset 350

Once in there, you need to make sure you install YugmaSkype.  Once installed, you can initiate a session to share you desktop.  You can share your desktop, as the presenter or the other people can share their desktop.  Just like PCAnywhere or NetMeeting.  You can grant specific people control of your desktop.

It was remote TDD at it’s finest.

He’d write a test, I make it pass.  I’d write a test, he’d make it pass.

It was a blast, and a heck of lot simpler than me writing a test, checking-in, him getting latest and making it past, and using IM/Phone to talk.

Hope this helps any other remote agile developers out there.

This was found by Nelson, I just happen to get the blog written.

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Nelson Montalvo: It was a great session. I was surprised by how fluid our communication was, ping-ponging back and forth - not just on tests, but any other issue that came up.

It still doesn’t beat sitting next to each other, but it was productive. The point of this is NOT to replace side-by-side pairing, but to facilitate some form of pairing when we just CAN’T be in the same room.

We’ll need to experiment with web cams and online whiteboards.

Zack: Hey guys… this is great. I tried it out. Skype plus Yugma is awesome!!! I’m loving it. Highly recommend others check out. Fast, easy, and price is right (free!)

Jason Meridth: Glad to hear it Zack. Thanks for reading.

Nelson Montalvo: Alas, great things are not for free… I should have read the fine print… Yugma and Wedbialog’s Unyte application offer the best part of their collaboration tools for remote sharing- sharing of the mouse and keyboard - for free only for a limited time. Non-interactive desktop sharing remains free. Oh well, might still be worth it.

Donn Felker: Yeah, I think it would still be worth it. Even for those moments where the parents call up and say “How do I set up my email in outlook?”

Nelson Montalvo: One last note on this… Jason and I found Elluminate vRoom a while back: Free up to 3 people and works really well for the desktop sharing. The interface, overall, is clunky and we dropped the use of pretty much anything else from it. However, once we got into an interactive session, it was a pretty useful application for the price (free). Skype voice and your favorite IM client should supplement this application pretty well. Again, only to be used in those hopefully rare “remote pairing” situations.

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