This is my first blog post from TextMate on my Mac. I’m using the HTML formatting. I will try the markdown and textile versions later. The key to getting this working with Community Server was when you click “Bundles->Blogging->Setup Blogs” and the following template shows up:

# List of Blogs
# Enter a blog name followed by the endpoint URL
# Blog Name URL

you put the following underneath the commented header

My Blog Name <http://[email protected]/blogs/<api_key>/metablog.ashx#<api_key»

The key part is #<api_key>. api_key in Community Server terms is the portion of your url after domain/blogs/ and before the page requested. Mine is jason_meridth. My full URL for TextMate blogging would be http://[email protected]/blogs/jason_meridth/metablog.ashx#jason_meridth.

Hope this may help a fellow Mac brethren