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I’m currently on Gutsy Gibbon (7.10), the previous version.  I’m upgrading after I post this.  I’ll update this post afterwards.

Also, for all you hesitant Linux users out there, on this version of distribution you can get the iso, create a CD and put in your windows box and install Ubuntu like a Windows application.  This tool is called Wubi.  This will let you see what Linux has to offer.

Also, if you haven’t, go check out Virtual Box, so if you decide to make the switch, you can still have your Windows fix for pleasure or development in a nice VM.


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Gates: So.. why use ubuntu if I can afford windows/mac?

Jason Meridth: @Gates Just for fun. To try something new. If you feel more comfortable on a Mac or Windows, by all means, stick with it. Ubuntu is just my choice of primary OS and I like to share any updates with my readers. I haven’t tried a Mac yet, but I’ve been hearing all the great praise. I’ve witnessed the use of VMWare Fusion and was impressed. To each his own. Can’t hurt to try a free operating system, though, could it?

jlockwood: @Gates Why afford windows/mac when I can use ubuntu?