Due to the new policies by Assembla.com (not allowing free private source repositories), I’ve had to finally grab another server and stand-up Visual SVN Server. It’s free, VERY easy to manage and worked like a charm once installed. Kudos to the Visual SVN team.

Yes, this is against my better nature as a fan of Linux and “free” software, but I had heard good things about Visual SVN Server and wanted to see for myself.

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Vlad: You could have your code hosted at devjavu (http://www.devjavu.com/). They offer simple Trac+SVN, and they felt simpler compared to the plethora of tools that assembla offers.

Jason Meridth: @Vlad Awesome. Except, they just made the same announcement that Assembla did about closing free private repositories: http://blog.devjavu.com/2008/11/02/closing-free-project-registration/ That is what I was looking for. Thanks though.

Tom Opgenorth: Totally agree with you here. VisualSVN is the best way to get an SVN server going, and I too have a bit of a bias towards Linux and “free” software.